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irl bunny rabbit She/her


The Three Graces

For fanbook Free! A sight you’ve never seen before (circle: Life in a glasscase).

The only doujin that I make in full color.

Second extra part tomorrow if the wheather net go well.


Teehee! #bun #bunny #bunnies #rabbit #rabbits #bunstagram


Teehee! #bun #bunny #bunnies #rabbit #rabbits #bunstagram


anxiety video || aka a 20 minute exercise in self-soothing

are you anxious and can’t concentrate on anything? are you tired but not sleepy and you can’t sleep but can’t be too awake? do you need a moment of vacation from your brain? do you like cake and mellow music? maybe just one or the other?

here is a 20 minute video in which a cake is beautifully and plainly iced. my recommendation is to watch it with the sound off while listening to the following playlist i have gathered for you:

the weepies || stars [link]
anais mitchell || old-fashioned hat (live) [link]
vienna teng || anna rose [link]
miriam stockley || a perfect day [link]
enya || flora’s secret [link]
joanna newsom || ‘81 [link]


  • all links are youtube videos of the songs; generally with either no picture, a single picture, or lyrics.
  • want a playlist made personally for you n ur mood? send me an ask i think that would be cool
  • i like neat posts with bullet points


the slytherins making a drinking game where they take a shot every time draco malfoy talks about harry potter



Explaining DMMd to people.

In honor of the anime I decided to bring this back

2,366,361 plays







I wanted to download We Will Rock You, but…




Nicki has no chill

Nicki cold she aint have to do him like that

that was brutal damn


my kitten says hello


hello hi i made the anti choice five nights at freddys post. it currently has over five THOUSAND notes. I was wrong about the desolate hope. here’s a link with a statement from the creator

i never saw this article, but if i knew the post would have gotten this many notes, i would have done better fact checking. i made the post to inform my friends and didn’t think it would even be reblogged

i’m deleting the post and i ask everyone to stop reblogging it, and to inform anyone reblogging it that i was wrong and i would like the post to be deleted.

reblog this if you Want to clear up the matter. i ask you to delete the original post, but if you want to keep me held responsible, that’s cool.